Aqua Control Fountains

Aqua Control has the most extensive line of floating water features in the industry. The economical Evolution Series 1/2 HP Fountain features a plug-in-and-go operation with 6 spray patterns available, rivaling most large scale fountains. The Select Series of 1 HP to 7-½ HP Display Aerators and Fountains are available in single and two-stage, both vertical and horizontal configurations with more than 30 spray patterns. The Titan Series provides a wide range of big and beautiful patterns from 7-½ HP to 40 HP.

Evolution Series - ½ HP Fountains

Aerator Fountains - 1 HP to 7-½ HP

Display Fountains - 1 HP to 5 HP

Titan Series Fountains - 7-½ HP to 40 HP

15HP_Fleur_de_Lis_Titan 20HP_Tiara_Titan 2HP_Fleur_de_Lis Buckingham_Titan_7.5H-40HP Cluster Arch Crown_Gusher Lily Pentalator Scepter Spider & Arch