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Lake Pro, Inc.'s owner has been managing lakes & ponds in Houston and surrounding areas since 1991. We are a professional lake management service company that offers a variety of lake management services. These services include lake maintenance for urban developments, vegetation treatment, fountain installation & repair, fishery management, and fish stocking. Professional and highly experienced staff members conduct these services. We use up-to-date field techniques to evaluate and maintain each existing lake or pond and incorporate a long-term management program to ensure success.

Lake Pro, Inc.’s success is due to providing its long-standing customers with the most cost effective and innovative services in our industry. Our staff members work closely with property managers and owners to ensure long-term success. We establish good working relationships with our clients so they understand the results of our services and management programs. Our clients are kept up to date on current issues and concerns through frequent communication with owners, managers, and community associations. Our business was built on knowledge, experience, and outstanding customer service.

Urban lake management is our specialty. Our urban lake management programs are designed to maintain the aesthetic appearance of residential and commercial property lakes. These programs offer a wide variety of lake management services including lake monitoring through routine site visits, lake mechanical equipment repair, vegetation monitoring and control, water quality analysis, water well monitoring, subsidence district & water authority water well reporting, and trash and debris removal. Our urban lake management programs also include fishery surveys, stocking recommendations, and fish stocking.

Lake Pro, Inc. is the master distributor for Aqua Control aerators and fountains in the Houston and surrounding areas. Aqua Control has produced an innovative fountain that combines excellent aeration along with beautiful display patterns. Our fountains range from ½ up to 40 horsepower. We install floating fountains in the Houston and surrounding areas. Our fountain products are of the highest quality and the most cost effective on the market. There are numerous nozzle patterns to choose from that look great and provide the added benefit of aeration.

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Lake Pro provides urban lake management & maintenance, aquatic weed  & vegetation control, pond management and treatments.  Lake Pro features Aqua Control display fountain & aeration system sales, installation and service.  Fish & lake stocking, fishery management, fish assessments, water quality monitoring, feeders, fishery survey, fertilization programs. Serving greater Houston, Texas.